Company History

Datindo Corporation is the leading organization specializing in Banking and Office System Automation. We have provided complete integrated Banking Solution, in term of hardware and software, for the banking and financial institutions. Our core services and products break into banking front end and back end operation. We offered a full range of operational services from consultancy and in-house implementation. Our business driven approached has enabled our clients to rapidly realize the business benefits, while they continue to enhance and develop their marketing strategy and customer relationships.

We have forged closed relationship with many IT organizations. Through these partnerships, we provide the best leading campaign management solution. The technical agreement with our partners ensures the tightest integration possible of all hardware and software resources, allowing them to deliver the maximum benefits to users.
Datindo Corporation is established in 1984's. Essentially is handling only one product for the banking system and equipments and currently diversify and extension of product range related to the same industry.

Presently, Datindo is the Sole Distributor of Banking System and Equipments in the territory of Indonesia market. The products we represented are comes from various countries such as Europe, U.S, Korea and Japan.
With the fast changing and complexity of Information Technology (IT) in the banking and financial institutions, being able to serve our customers sophisticated requirements are our main responsibility to fulfill our customers’ needs, we have to provide all the expertise in various fields to meet our customers’ expectations.

With this condition, our present organization break into five strategic divisions, that is Hardware, System Software and Applications, Networking, Telecommunication, IT Consultant and System Interpretations. Each division formed into a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) and the unit managers are accountable for their divisional profitability and performance.
With the present organization of 188 employees and have break into various divisions with the strong dedicated and motivated team to serve our customers need, and also established Services Centers in all big cities throughout Indonesia. Those would enhance our technical support to backup our customers operations.

We have our own distribution networks in Indonesia. And our company has an excellent showroom located in the heart of Trading Center of Jakarta, and we have various Marketing Managers in each divisions assisted by a Team of Sales Supervisors and Representatives for direct marketing. Besides, we have also appointed dealers network in the various cities of Java, Sumatra as well as other outer islands who has also all facilities for servicing of our products with a pool of qualifies engineers throughout the country.

To cater some of our customers’ needs  and requirements, we have also established a branch and regional office located in Singapore. We try harder to serve and satisfy our customers. "Believe, we can Do It" is our main objective to achieve our company success.


Provide Commitment in Excellent, Innovative Solutions and Trusted Partner for our Value Customers.


Provide Innovative Integrated IT & Business Solutions with the Best and Attentive Care Services for the Customers.


Management Team

Datindo leaders bring decades of diverse experience and a history of success. Combining business acumen with technical savvy, these executives guide more than 188 talented employees to create innovative products and solutions that enable customers around the world to have confidence in their connected world.


PT. Datindo Infonet Prima
Menara Kadin Indonesia

12th Fl, Unit A-B
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Block X5 Kav. 2-3

Telp. (62-21) 57903635
Jakarta 12950, Indonesia