Smart Banking & Digital Branch Solutions

Leading the age of full-scale smart banking, applying a self-banking solution to the ‘digital kiosk (unmanned smart bank)

Customers using the ‘self-banking solution’ can use such bank services as getting advices from specialized tellers of a bank, opening a new account or card issuing, through video consulting with even safer authentication.

For Banks, this enables them to concentrate on customer services and reduce man-power costs, with the perks of having the revolutionary effect of opening new smart branches to attract prospective customer from a wider range of segments.

Software Analytics Solutions

Preventive Maintenance Solutions
Our software solution provide algorithmic pattern to predict potential problems before failures within cash automation equipment. This solution will further help technicians to execute maintenances accurately, reducing risks of time, manpower and costs inefficiencies, while increasing uptime of these equipment.

Customized Analytical Solutions
We provide tailor-made analytical solutions with infrastructure, applications and network performance in mind. We believe that Network is the enabler, Applications build operational efficiency and End-User experience is everything.

Loyalty Solutions

Our Loyalty System is an innovative real-time loyalty solutions for a variety of businesses in Indonesia. Real-Time Marketing has been described as, "A system that provides a company with continuous real-time market feedback from its customers and enables the company to precisely deliver personalized content about its products and services to its customers".
Today, Our Loyalty System manages loyalty programs from various local banks with over 10,000 physical points-of-sale, and has over 2,000,000 managed cardholder through our client programs.

Our mandate is to support our clients to achieve improved bottom line objectives - increased customer retention, customer frequency, incremental spending, and new customer acquisition. Data generated by these real-time electronic marketing programs allow our clients to identify their high value customers at the point-of-sale and, based on their interests and shopping patterns, reward or address them in real-time via a number of highly personalized one-to-one messages printed on the sales receipt.

Network Solutions

Our Network Solution ensures security and efficiency for a growing volume of payment systems to Card Issuers, Merchants and Banks. Some examples include IP Transaction Routing, Dial Up Transaction Routing and Encryption that leads to Deployment Flexibility, Scalability, Management and Connectivity. We are also PCI-DSS compliance to provide secure confidence for transaction transport systems.

Payment Solutions

POS-EDC Payment Solutions
We bring together world-class payment solutions with leading security, management and a consumer-centric approach to vertical markets (retail, branchless banking, hospitality, transportation etc) with payment solutions to cover all points of transactions (mobile, in-store, multi-lane etc)

Our solutions give you the ability to provide your customers with the most modern banking functionality such as:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Meeting the Latest Security Standards
  • Quick & Accurate Customer Identification and Automation